I have to admit, I did not watch the entire debate on Monday, September 26. However, I watched JUST ENOUGH to be able to say…

Donald Trump is NOT “by rules and presentation” the best debater.  I would doubt, outside the RNC primary debates, that he has ever been in a debate setting. Donald didn’t “hit” the easy softballs Hillary threw.  I don’t believe he is accustomed to having to think in 20 second bites and “got you” phrases.  He makes deals and builds businesses and hires people.  To me, Donald Trump acted and sounded like a businessperson who is fed up with and shocked at the false and ridiculous assumptions that career politicians continue to make that are hindering the recovery of our great nation.

Secondly, I watched Just Enough to be offended at Hillary assuming I am “implicitly bias and racist”.  Her “I think everyone” comment with regards to being implicitly racist is extremely offensive and is the height of pandering to a block vote.  Besides, how could a nation filled with racist whites elect an African American president twice?  I believe Hillary believes we are still living in the 60’s with regard to race relations.  Has America not made ANY progress?  I don’t know what her folks taught her, but my mom and dad taught me that we don’t judge by the color of skin but by the character and actions of the individual.

I watched Just Enough to be reminded that Hillary’s philosophy on governing will surely be affirmed by those she will appoint to the Supreme Court.  Our grandchildren will not recover from the liberal, socialist appointees she will promote to the Supreme Court.

I watched Just Enough to understand with clarity her tax and spend and give away fiscal policy.  She will raise taxes and it won’t be just on the wealthy.  The middle class and working poor will be adversely affected by her tax and spend and give away fiscal policy. Hillary has not created jobs or been forced to make a “payroll”.  Maybe her dad did in his drapery business, but it appears she was not a very good observer of sound business practices.

I watched Just Enough to feel saddened for the poor and inner city parents and children–folks of many colors who are trapped in poor schools and in dangerous communities.  School choice, better jobs and the security of Law and Order would greatly enhance the standard of living of those who need it most.

Finally, I watched Just Enough to see that there are two very distinct visions for America. I am hopeful Americans will choose wisely.

I’m not looking for a “pastor in chief” or a “sound bite expositor in chief”.

I’m looking for a leader who will grow our economy, restore Law and Order, appoint justices who cherish the Constitution, and a leader who will place  people in positions authority who are competent and accountable.

This may be the last opportunity to Make America Great Again!


Dr. Tom Smiley is a pastor, author, speaker, blogger, husband, grand dad, and Christ-follower.  He is a regional radio talk show host with WDUN Jacobs Media.  He is the founder of Life with Smiles Ministry.  His Sunday messages are broadcast on WDUN 550, and his “blog” entries and thoughts on God, Christian faith, current events, politics and Islam are available at https://tomsmiley.wordpress.com/

His books: Runaway Lives: Overcoming Emotional Undercurrents, Angels all Around, and Uncommon Common Sense can be ordered at his Life with Smiles website (www.lifewithsmiles.com).  Dr. Smiley is available for speaking engagements and discussion forums and can be contacted at  tsmiley@lakewoodlife.org or by calling 770.532.6307.